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The digital competition in Clearwater is fierce, but our SEO services will put you ahead. Through solid strategies, you’ll get more leads, close more sales, and expand your bottom line. You’ll forge a strong online presence and lay the foundation for digital success. Let’s start!

Providing SEO Clearwater FL Businesses Can Count On

No matter how beautiful your website is, if your customers can’t find it, they will not know you exist. 

Our SEO services build a strong online presence for Clearwater’s small businesses. Your digital visibility will increase, and your ranking will improve. It will be easy for customers to find you and buy from your website. More sales, more revenue.

SEO levels the playing field, too. Even if you’re a small startup, you can compete with established brands for online customers. Find out how we can pull this off for you — get a free consultation with our experts.

What Makes Our SEO Great

Our SEO services cover everything that a Clearwater brand needs for robust ranking. Your Preferred Design offers a complete solution for your visibility goals.

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Free SEO Audit

Your SEO campaign will begin with a free SEO audit to uncover all opportunities for conversion. The audit reveals issues that prevent you from ranking.

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Keyword Research

The keyword research will identify the keywords that your brand should target. If you rank for these keywords, you’ll get the right group of customers.

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Technical On-Page Optimization

Our SEO experts in Clearwater will fix technical issues in your website to make it more user-friendly and Google-approved. These issues include speed and site structure.

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On-Page Content Optimization

Your website will have keyword-rich content that offers valuable, relevant information. We’ll create content for your product pages and blogs.

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Link Building

We’ll build a strong backlink profile — the collection of sites that link back to you — so that Google knows you’re a relevant and authoritative site.

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Campaign Monitoring and Reporting

Our team will track analytics and check the metrics on your behalf. We’ll send monthly reports so you’re aware of your campaign progress.

With SEO, Your Brand Will Go a Long Way

Compete with Bigger Brands

  • Given the right SEO strategies, your website may outrank those of older Clearwater businesses. And if you dominate the search results, you get the lion’s share of the traffic. You have more opportunities to convert.

Find New Customers

  • It’s difficult for small businesses to gain new customers, but SEO bridges this gap. It makes your brand more visible, so prospects can find you and check out your offers.

Get Bigger Traffic and Close More Sales

  • As you climb the results page, you get a bigger portion of the traffic. The more site visitors, the more chances you have to sell your products and services.

Hit Your ROI

  • If planned and executed well, SEO delivers a positive return on investment for small businesses. Compared to other marketing campaigns, SEO gives you more value for money.

Build Brand Authority

  • The speed of your site and the caliber of your content all contribute to your brand authority. SEO improves all of these, making you an excellent brand.

Get Sustainable Growth

  • SEO paves the way for sustainable growth. It doesn’t produce results overnight, but we’ll cultivate your site so that you stay on top of the results page for a long time.

Our Approach to SEO

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SEO and Web Design

What makes us a notch better than other SEO companies in Clearwater is that we consider your web design and content in every strategy.

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Industry Authority

We’ll study your industry's tone and language, so you’ll get the trust of your customers. And even your competitors.

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Diligent Reports

You’ll always be updated on campaign progress, thanks to regular reports from our project managers.

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Complete Team

We have project managers, SEO analysts, designers, writers, and editors who will serve as an extension of your team.

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Our Clearwater SEO Pricing


The two main types of SEO are Organic SEO and Local SEO. Organic SEO improves your ranking on a national or global level, while Local SEO enhances visibility for a specific geographical target. Most Clearwater businesses invest in Local SEO services to improve their ranking in search results in the city.

There’s no definite timeline in SEO because there are many factors at play, such as your industry’s competitiveness. On average, you can see results in three months. Our experts can give you a more definite timeline for your site. 

Yes, it does. A well-designed site with a clean code loads faster, which increases the chances of ranking. Also, Google ranks sites that visitors prefer, and visitors prefer beautiful, navigable sites.

The main difference is the level of security. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, while HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The latter has an extra layer of protection, which also improves the chances of ranking.

Google releases as many as 600 algorithm updates a year, but only a handful have significant consequences. With a solid SEO strategy, your site can survive major algorithm changes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) free consultation

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Easy Project Management

If there’s one thing common in all small businesses in Clearwater, it’s that all hands are on deck. 

Leave the SEO to us and focus on running your venture instead. We’ll do the audit, research, and tracking for you. We’ll fix issues, improve the content, adjust strategies, and hit goals. Our team offers an end-to-end solution. You’re always in the loop—you get regular reports on your campaign. And should any problem arise, our project managers are one message away.